The home free experience has now been going on for only a third of a year but I can tell that mind changes are noticed.

Homo Sapiens like other beasts have certain primal focus. Nutrition, procreation, nesting, and among humans and porpoises, recreation.  Without the interference of the need to procreate or nest building, the mind develops strength in the remaining nutrition and recreation aspects of life.

I am finding more thought about what I am going to eat and how we are going to entertain ourselves. That means that right  after cleaning up the  breakfast dishes one can walk to the corner coffee shop and plan lunch or something fun.

this is not bad!




Perot Museum


The Perot Museum of Nature and Science located in downtown Dallas Texas needs to be on the must see list of anyone visiting the the Dallas area regardless of age.

While the museum is geared towards children, children of all ages can and should enjoy. There are more than a dozen distinct exhibits obviously covering Nature and science; each very well done, most with “hands on” opportunity.


You can get close to a bear,

IMG_0602or hob knob with prehistoric relatives.

We visited there with Shelley’s mother while the kids were on a spring break skiing trip to Utah and enjoyed a beautiful day exploring the exhibits.

Our premier choice was the section on minerals which I almost decided to skip. After all, I had geology many years ago.

IMG_0604The hundreds of examples of crystals were simply fabulous! It must be a real thrill to find these formations in nature.

IMG_0606Each exhibit takes your breath away.IMG_0605It is hard to believe how perfect circles and cubes can be formed.

This was a fantastic stop on our journey. We may even take the kids next time!