imageOne of the disconcerting things that happen on a six day sea voyage is that every afternoon at 2PM the ship clocks magically change to 3PM.  This really messes with your inner clock so in addition to walking on solid ground, the Azores also gave a respite from the acceleration of the clock.

imageThe Tuk Tuk imageis an excellent  way to tour the island. We picked up a great guide after we got off the boat . There is a trick I think to finding the great guide. Hoards of “I want to be your guide” descend to embarking cruisers. I like to wait till it has all calmed down and then select a guide from one of the more restrained  guides. This has almost always worked well for us.

The early Portuguese Mariners perfected the European sailing ships by adapting ideas they stole from Phoenicians  and other early Arab craft.

We discovered a beautiful old church in the Azores that has a unique story, in both world wars the Azores played an important role for the Allies. This particular church was dismantled twice to avoid it becoming a target for German UBoats during the wars.

The Azores qualify as a place to come back to for more exploration and relaxation.


With apologies to Richard Hana I stole his title of “Two Years before the Mast” to cover our Atlantic crossing from Ft. Lauderdale to Cadiz, Spain with a brief stop in the Azores.

the crossing was smooth and the weather really nice. Our cabin faces the rear of the ship and we have a very nice verandah. Since we were headed northeast, the sun on our deck each evening provided as sunny place for cocktail hour.

We hooked up with a couple from Oregon and British Columbiaimage to play team trivia each day.  Our success was limited not by our knowledge of trivia, but by poor decision making. Someone in our group almost always had the answer but we would pick “Forest Gump” instead of “It Happened One Night” far too many times.

We also attended “Dancing with the Stars” but did not compete. Next time maybe!

Like Columbus and Noah, we knew we were approaching Land when we saw a seagull. Columbus was probably more excited than Noah because Noah had faith!

So far we have been to the Azores, Portugal , Cadiz, Valencia, Cartagena, and Barcelona Spain, and Palermo, Italy. We will update the blog with photos of these places later.

Internet reception on the boat is expensive but unreliable! Shore based blogging works better and the cappuccino is delightful.

Bon Voyage!








Big trip begins tomorrow

Karen and I are in a Marriott in Ft Lauderdale awaiting sail tomorrow on the MS Eurodam for 21 days. The NCAA Final four begins also tonite and our tickets are being used by two great friends Leigh and DeWayne Wilson who are there in Indianapolis to enjoy four number one seeds go at it the the classic March Madness finale.

While we will miss the madness we are so excited to begin our European and African adventures with more great friends and of course the Safari with Sam, Kate, Shelley and Jeff.

We will be at sea for the first six days and Internet is not always user friendly. We will update the voyage as we can.

First land stop in in the Azores.


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