Sebastapol California

IMG_1559We have been in California, Bodega Bay to be exact; for almost a month now. We all know that California is a bit, shall we say…strange? Left coast and all that. Well we discovered Florence Street in Sebastapol.IMG_1545 Yard Art reigns!

A beautiful residential street that has gone a bit mad.

An artful coupleIMG_1555Patrick Amiot  and his wife and fellow artist,  Brigette Laurent have created havoc and art along this erstwhile pedestrian street.IMG_1558 All kinds of “yard art” from baseball players to John Deere tractors adorn this neighborhood.IMG_1549 It is also located next to what has become our favorite place for lunch in Sebastapol, Peter Lowell’s farm to table extravaganza of delightful foods.

IMG_1553 We accidentally encountered this street via a wrong turn and have now been back several times.IMG_1550 The old saying that “One man’s  junk is another man’s treasure” is no more apparent than on this street.IMG_1548 If you ever make it to Sebastapol, this is on the must do list!IMG_1552 And a side benefit of our visit here we got to meet an old friend from Pinetta, Florida, Doris!IMG_1560 Life is good in the slow lanes!IMG_1565