In an earlier post about our African safari last June we talked about our very pleasant surprise in discovering the birds of Tanzania and the Serengeti.

The wild birds in Maui also gave us pause.DSCN1917 Not to be outdone by the wild roosters that inhabit Key West, Florida; Maui also has its “indigenous” wild chickens that are all over the island. Feral cats also abound but the cats stay clear of the roosters as they seem to consider a confrontation a losing situation.

They roam the streets with impunity…DSCN1906

DSCN1913 seem for the most part to be quite healthy…DSCN1904 and seem to virtually own the parks.

They are protected, have no natural enemies, and therefore prosper.

While the roosters are usually more flamboyant…DSCN1903 There are plenty of hens

as well.DSCN2324

Ok; I just could not resist that!