EXPLORING MAUI, The Valley Island of Hawaii!

DSCN2333 (1)We do not like to think of ourselves as tourists.

The real adventure in being “Home Free” is that we get to live in many different places for time enough to explore and get to understand different cultures. Culture need not be exotic to be very different and diverse.  A month spent in Chicago, Northern California and Maui revealed great difference in culture.

An ideal visit of thirty days allows us to explore and take time to enjoy without the frenetic pace of typical tourism.

We enjoyed our exploration of Maui!IMG_1688 From iconic Front Street in Lahaina where I posed for the Forrest Gump shot to the top of Haleakala crater.IMG_1706

To the depths of the rain forest on the northeast side;DSCN2258Maui is a beautiful island!

IMG_1693This is a photo of the waiting room for one of our favorite restaurants. If you are told it will be a half hour wait for a table here, it just ain’t no big thing!IMG_1696 A little pricey, but Mama’s Fish House just east of Paia,  has arguably the best seafood on the island. A better view is hard to imagine!IMG_1726We took the rigorous drive from Kahului on the north side of the island with lots of hairpin turns over the northwest tip of the island which is lightly traveled. You can average about 11 miles an hour with a maximum speed of maybe 40 on the only straight section. The scenery is stunning!IMG_1730

We could see whales breaching in the ocean between us and the island of Molokai maybe 20 miles to the north.IMG_1727

We explored the crater of Haleakala,DSCN1803 by car, bicycle and


Those who own a home often lock up their house for a few days and take overnight trips from that home. We did the same, leaving our condo in Kihei to take the magical “Road to Hana”.DSCN2244 While less than 40 miles from the Maui Airport to Hana, the more than 50 one lane bridges and 200+ turns makes it a very tough day trip so we decided to spend 3 nights in Hana.

DSCN2311 (1) We  found a lovely VRBO rental on the hillside high above Hana with wonderful views of the Pacific to the east and the rain forest all around us.DSCN2338 (1)a4 As typical, we cooked our morning and evening meals in the VRBO and found interesting places for lunch.

There is not really much in Hana! It is the truest example of the journey being the destination. Its isolation prompted Charles Lindbergh to move to Kipahulu just south of Hana to live his last days suffering from Lymphatic Cancer. The “Lone Eagle” chose a very obscure spot to be again alone.a1

Another reason it takes so long to drive to Hana is the scenery just begs to you; Stop, Stop, Stop!a3 Dozens of waterfalls

and pools for swimming.DSCN2289

Small town churches saying: “Come see me”!DSCN2260

Dramatic beaches with waves towering over the surfers just make you stop and look.DSCN2229

There are even canals to funnel the abundant water from the eastside to the west.DSCN2266

And as usual, time to get lost!DSCN1939