VIETNAM; A land of 91 million people and 47 million motorcycles

DSCN2059 If Vietnam is anything, it is busy; very busy!

Traffic is a constant blaring of horns and flashing of headlamps. Crossing the street is an adventure that has nothing to do with crosswalks and traffic lights.DSCN2127 To cross, you simply move slowly onto the street and allow the cars and motorcycles to just swarm around you much like a school of fish passing you on a reef. Most important that you move slowly so the drivers can judge where you will be when they get there. If you wait for a light you will still be there!

The market is everywhere!DSCN2018 Sidewalks are for markets and parking of motorcycles.DSCN2028


DSCN2031 The infrastructure is simply scary. If you understand anything at all about electricity, Vietnam will scare the hell out of you!DSCN2024Wiring just seems to flow at total random in all directions.

DSCN2012 Air pollution is an issue and you see many folks wearing masks.


There is also great beauty in Vietnam.P1050797

P1050796 These silk hand embroideries were stunning but I fear the artists who did these reaped little of the benefit.P1050795

We visited the presidential palace which is a beautiful reminder of the French colonial period;DSCN2075 saw the simple home near the palace where Ho Chi Minh lived;DSCN2081 and noted that even in his backyard, Coca Cola rules!DSCN2086 From the Vietnamese people we have met prior to going to Vietnam, we did not expect to feel any animosity towards Americans relative to the war years. We did not find any.